What Are Some Challenging Ab Roller Moves?

Here are 18 beginner, intermediate, and advanced moves you can perform for the abs and core with an ab roller.

If you love working out with an ab roller, but you are looking for some additional challenge and variation for your ab and core workout routine, then try utilizing a multi-directional ab roller. Sold as a pair and offering smooth rolling on multiple surfaces, these offer the additional ability to work the lower abs and core by using the ab roller on your feet. Now you have a nearly unlimited number of challenging ab and core workout variations in a simple, portable, and affordable pair of platforms. This type of ab roller allows you to work the complex muscles of your abs and core from multiple angles, and vary the moves to work the upper, middle, and lower abs as well as the core and obliques. We’ve broken down the moves into beginner, intermediate and advanced categories. Pick your level and perform 2 – 3 sets of 3 exercises from your level at least twice per week to increase the challenge, variation and results from your ab and core workout routine!

Beginner Ab Roller Workout Moves:

  • Ab roll outs from the knees
  • Variable width ab rollouts
  • Single arm ab rollouts
  • Twisting ab rollouts
  • Instability planks
  • Assisted sit ups
  • Assisted V ups
  • Sliding mountain climbers

Intermediate Ab Roller Workout Moves:

  • Single arm assisted ab rollouts
  • Sliding reverse crunches
  • Sliding pikes
  • Extended planks
  • Single arm extension planks
  • Hip openers (abductor / adductor exercises)
  • Single leg variations

Advanced Ab Roller Workout Moves

  • Walking ab roll outs
  • Ab roll outs from the feet
  • Rolling spider man push-ups
  • Alternating single arm reaching planks
  • Spider man planks

Explore some of these moves and watch videos of proper ab roller workout form here.