40+ Push-up Variations For Your Home Workouts!

40+ Push-up Variations For Your Home Workouts!

Who knew there were so many pushup variations?

We’ve compiled a video of over 40 push up variations in our latest blog post/video segment.

With the US (and largely the world) being under varying levels of isolation and stay-at-home orders due to the spread of COVID-19, we’ve decided to help you break the boredom and monotony by compiling the most comprehensive guide to all of the humanly possible push-up variations available. Push-ups are an incredible chest and upper body workout, and require constant core engagement which means you get a great ab workout as well!  With these modifications and variations, you recruit even more muscles.  We’ve highlighted push-up variations that target the shoulders, the triceps, and dynamic versions that target the whole body.

We’ve organized the 40 + moves by increasing difficulty, starting with beginner push - up moves and progressing to more difficult intermediate moves and finally, advanced moves that are sure to challenge even the most advanced athletes. We end the video with push up variations you can try using push up stands – specifically ABLE push up stands that offer instability, roll in any direction, and allow for significantly increased chest muscle workout targeting, challenge, and variation.

This comprehensive guide offers up push-up variations and modifications that target the muscles of the chest, shoulders, abs, and core. And, as we progress through the intermediate to the more difficult variations, we highlight several moves that incorporate such dynamic full-body moves and balance – that they provide a complete, total-body workout with absolutely no gear or equipment necessary.

If you need a refresher on proper standard push-up form – check out our previous blog post.

We hope this gives you some great ideas and additional challenges for your home workouts, during this time of COVID-19 home workouts and beyond.

Check out our video with 40 plus push-up variations.

Stay safe and healthy.

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