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With ABLE, we set out to create something special. More than an ab roller or push up handles, ABLE is a pair of multi-directional push up bars for ab, core, upper body, and lower body workouts. An inexpensive tool that offers total-body workout functionality. ABLE isn’t a gimmick. Its workout capability rivals that of several other pieces of large, complex equipment - but in a simple, portable, challenging pair of handles that take up no more space than a shoe-box. ABLE’s infinity bearing system allows for nearly friction free rolling on a variety of surfaces. Use them on harder surfaces like wood, linoleum or smooth concrete for challenging instability. Work with ABLE on carpeting or rubberized gym floors for smooth, predictable and challenging resistance in any direction. The result of several years of design, engineering and testing is a pair of platforms that rotate for spinning push-ups, glide for ab and core roll outs, and secure the toe for explosive face – down ab and core moves. The applications for home or gym workouts that target the chest, shoulders, abs, core, arms and legs are almost unlimited.

ABLE Blue Pair

ABLE Technology and Specifications

  • Oversized handle grips that rotate during ab rollouts and push up moves
  • Toe Lock design for face down ab, core and leg workouts
  • 360-degree, self-lubricating infinity bearing system allows ABLE to roll smoothly in any direction
  • Rubber bumpers deflect energy if the units collide during chest or leg workout moves
  • User weight limit of 350 pounds
  • Roll perfectly on carpeting, gym floors, hard woods, laminate and indoor, smooth concrete
  • ABLE is designed to stack for space saving storage
  • ABLE is patented under US patent # 10,272,288 B2. International patents pending.
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