FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

ABLE Performance

ABLE can be used on most indoor surfaces like carpeting, rugs, wood floors, laminate and rubberized gym floors.  ABLE glides smoothly on all of these surface, but naturally, these surfaces offer more or less friction depending on the exact surface being used.

Yes – Our oversized roller balls allow ABLE to roll smoothly on carpeting.  ABLE is more stable, and offers more rolling resistance on carpeting than other surfaces. Carpeting is a great surface for beginner moves and getting familiar with the platforms.

Yes – Hard surfaces are recommended for advanced users. ABLE is less stable and requires more balance, core engagement and is generally more challenging on harder surfaces like wood floors. Beginner or intermediate users can reduce the imbalance by only using one ABLE, with the other hand planted on the floor surface for balance.

*DO NOT use ABLE on rough surfaces like outdoor concrete.  These surfaces will damage the roller balls and reduce the ability for ABLE to roll and glide smoothly.

*DO NOT use ABLE on softer wood floors – as the roller balls could dent or scratch the floor surfaces.

ABLE Maintenance

The only recommended maintenance on ABLE is occasional cleaning of the roller balls and bearing system. This is helpful if you exercise in a gym environment where ABLE rolls around on sweat, grime and debris.

Simply add a drop of dish detergent to each roller ball and agitate by rolling the balls around with the soap and warm water for a few seconds.  Rinse thoroughly and set on a towel to dry completely.