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Push Up Stands

Four great reasons to try push up stands. 

Range of Motion

Pushup stands are often used to increase the depth of retraction and range of motion in the push up move, leading to additional muscle recruitment of the pec muscles. Positioning the hands onto pushup handles elevated above the floor surface enables the chest to move below the plane of the hands during retraction. Re-positioning the pushup stands to various widths and locations relative to the shoulders allows for the focus and targeting of additional muscles of the upper, middle and lower chest, as well as the outer and inner pec muscles.

Hand and Wrist Ergonomics

Another popular reason people use push up stands is simply for hand, wrist, and forearm conditions that require a grip for comfort. Being able to position your hands in a way that loads the body weight ergonomically. Pushup handles alleviates common pain issues that come from supporting the full bodyweight in a bent 90-degree position on the floor. This position can be very uncomfortable for many people and can lead to long term problems with the wrists, elbows and hands. Pushup stands allow you to find the position that works for your anatomy and perform chest workouts like push ups, and core workouts like plank knees to elbows with correct positioning and ergonomics.

Increased Distance from the Floor

Using push up stands to Increase the distance of the plane of the body relative to the floor doesn’t just increase your chest workout range of motion. It also allows you to incorporate a whole new category of ab and core workout moves. Push up handles put your body in a better position for chest and core workout moves like Spider Man push ups, plank knees to elbows, mountain climbers and sit-throughs.

Why ABLE push up stands?

ABLE push up stands roll smoothly in any direction, allowing you to perform a nearly unlimited number of chest and upper body workout moves with just your bodyweight. Rotating perfect pushups, stationary push ups, close grip pushups, wide grip pushups, pushup flies, bodyweight chest flies, single arm pushup flies and Y rollouts are just a few challenging chest workout moves that users can perform with ABLE. Additional functionality comes from the ability to use ABLE as a multi-directional ab roller for incredible ab and core workout results.

ABLE can be used on any smooth indoor floor surface, including carpeting, rugs, linoleum surfaces, wood floors, smooth concrete and rubberized gym flooring.

ABLE offers additional challenge on hard surfaces where balance, core and ab recruitment and stabilizer engagement are necessary just to keep yourself balanced.

Use ABLE with our Toe Lock feature for face down ab and core moves like mountain climbers, pikes and reverse crunches.

ABLE push up platforms offer additional functionality for the legs -similar to using sliders. But with ABLE, there is very little friction, and an increase in challenge and balance, because of their ability to glide so smoothly.

Simple, portable, and, incredibly effective for body weight training results. ABLE by Fitness Hardware.

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