Advanced Bodyweight Leverage Equipment

What is able?

Advanced Bodyweight Leverage Equipment. A pair of super-low friction platforms designed to roll and rotate smoothly on floor surfaces for challenging total body workouts.

Advanced Bodyweight Leverage Equipment
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Advanced Bodyweight Leverage Equipment
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If I could give these 10 stars, I would. Literally, the best fitness item I have ever purchased. The construction is superb and way better than I expected. Was completely blown away by how sturdy they are and how freely they glide. For advanced calisthenics pressing movements and one arm ab wheel variations, these are the single most valuable tool I have ever come across. If you are into advanced calisthenics BUY THESE IMMEDIATELY. I have no affiliation with this company whatsoever.


New staple to my workout routine. Love how versatile it is. This makes ab workouts fun! It is very well made and it is super sturdy. Everyone who works out at home should own a pair of these.


This device is one of the best fitness tools that I have ever used. I also own the perfect push-up and ab-roller tools. Like those tools, the ABLE is portable. What makes the ABLE unique though is that it can be used in so many different ways. I also can't say enough about the quality of this device. It feels solid in my hands, the roller wheels are super smooth and I love how it can be stacked when not in use. Buy this and don't look back!


Range of Motion

ABLE rolls smoothly in any direction, allowing you to perform a nearly unlimited number of upper and lower body workout moves with just your bodyweight.

Low Friction Performance

ABLE increases range of motion and reduces the drag of sliding friction with rolling performance on indoor and outdoor surfaces like carpeting, rugs, laminates, wood floors and rubberized gym floors.

ABLE Oversized Grips

Oversized Handles

Oversized handle grips that rotate during ab workouts, ab rollouts and push up moves.

ABLE Toe Lock Design

Toe Lock Design

Toe Lock design for face down ab, core, and leg workouts.

ABLE Infinity Bearings

Infinity Bearings

360-degree, self-lubricating infinity bearing system allows ABLE to roll smoothly in any direction.

Energy Deflection

Rubber bumpers deflect energy if the units collide during chest or leg workout moves.


What else can ABLE do?

ABLE is a dynamic training system for any fitness level – a simple and portable all in one gym for home workouts, high intensity interval training, weight loss workouts, sports training, body weight training, balance training, and athletic performance. Used with the hands, ABLE is a dynamic upper body training system for an incredible number of chest workouts, ab roller exercises, and push up variations that target the pec muscles, abs, core, shoulders, arms, and back. Used with our Toe Lock feature, ABLE offers dozens of face-down ab and core workout moves that target the upper, middle, and lower abs while blasting the legs and hip flexors. ABLE offers total gym capability in a simple, small, and portable set of platforms no bigger than a set of rotating push up handles. ABLE isn’t just a home gym accessory. It’s a proven home fitness system with total body workout functionality that offers incredible results in less time.

ABLE Push Up Stands
Advanced Bodyweight Leverage Equipment