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Advanced Bodyweight Leverage Equipment

Unlike sliders, ABLE is unstable on smooth surfaces - requiring the recruitment of additional muscles, core engagement and balance during body-weight training sessions.  ABLE is designed for use with the upper body or lower body with our Toe-Lock design that secures the foot.  Unlike suspension trainers, ABLE is portable, requires no set-up and can be used on almost any smooth surface, indoors or out.  



Over a Dozen Muscle Building Exercises For The Chest Alone!

Push ups - rotating push-ups - push-up flies - single arm variations - body weight chest flies - Incline push ups & flies - decline push ups & flies - wide position ab roller - Y roll outs - weight transfer push-ups and more!

With Toe-Lock design for additional ab, core, leg & hip moves

Challenging instability on hard surfaces like concrete and wood 

Hundreds of challenging moves and move sequences

Including unlimited numbers of moves for the abs, core, legs, chest, shoulders and back

For trainers, beginners or advanced athletes

...Wow, I'm very impressed with everything I could do with this exercise equipment. It is triggering and activating muscles I never knew I had -haha! The equipment activates and engages my core like no other. It's like the perfect push-up on steroids! I'm exhausted after using it for ten minutes. Great for quick morning workouts or between sets! This will definitely be my secret weapon for my upcoming competition! I love it!

Amazon Customer Review

Mixed Martial Artist and Previous UFC World Champion Demetrious Johnson putting in a training session with ABLE.


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