Utility Patent Awarded to Fitness Hardware

Utility Patent Awarded to Fitness Hardware

When I conceived a rolling, multi-directional set of push-up stands over ten years ago, I had no idea what a long and arduous process it would be to finally receive a utility patent, let alone design the product and physically bring it to market! After three years in queue at the US Patent and Trademark Office, several years of design, engineering, and prototyping, and months of qualifying and quoting the product through US and overseas manufacturers, Fitness Hardware has finally been awarded US patent # 10,272,288 B2 for ABLE - Advanced Bodyweight Leverage Equipment.

"ABLE is an incredible tool for upper body and chest workout moves."

Unique features to our push-up stand design include a padded rotating grip, 4 roller ball contact points, and an infinity bearing system that allows for multi-directional movement. During development, we realized the opportunity to increase the number of potential workout moves by adding our Toe-Lock feature, which allows users to perform challenging face-down ab and core workout moves with very-little sliding friction. We added some really cool features like making ABLE push up stands stack for easy storage and added a removable TPU ring that secures the rollerball and bearing system in place while functioning as a bumper for collisions with each other during workouts. The combination is deadly! ABLE is an incredible tool for upper body and chest workout moves like rotating perfect push-ups, stationary push-ups of varying widths, pushup flies, bodyweight chest flies, and single-arm reach flies, to name a few. But, the additional Toe Lock feature turns ABLE into a dynamic ab, core, and leg workout platform with almost unlimited total body workout potential.

Owner Luke Brown and ABLE Patent
Inventor Luke Brown and ABLE patent.

It’s fitting that the design, testing, and prototyping process for bringing ABLE to the market very much mirrored the process we all go through to become stronger, more confident, and better versions of ourselves through challenging workouts. Prototyping a product to get the industrial design and engineering functionality correct is an iterative process. It took nearly 20 product versions and years of tests, changes, and tweaks before we finally had a product good enough to wear the Fitness Hardware emblem.

With a utility patent in hand, over 3500 units sold, and great reviews from users across the globe, we’re excited and hopeful that our rolling push up stands will continue to gain attention and distribution across the US and beyond.

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