Push Up Handles and Workouts

Push Up Handles and Workouts

Why do people use push up Handles? And, what are their advantages over just doing pushups or planks with your hands flat on the floor?

Push-up handles offer several substantial advantages over doing pushups and planks with your hands flat on the floor.


Pushup handles are more comfortable on the hands, wrists, elbows, and shoulders than doing pushups with your hands flat on the floor. They can be positioned in any direction, any angle and placed at any width to accommodate or compensate for injuries and your own unique anatomy. Muscle fatigue from exercise is a good thing, but pushup positions that cause joint pain and discomfort should be avoided.

Proper Muscle Loading

Using push-up handles securely and properly transfers your body-weight to the target muscles you are trying to work. Push-up handles load your shoulder, chest and tricep muscles properly so you can work out more effectively and more efficiently. Simply put, pushup handles make building strength, mass, and endurance more comfortable, more efficient and will help you get faster results.

"Push-up handles load your shoulder, chest and tricep muscles properly so you can work out more effectively and more efficiently."

Increased Range of Motion

Pushup handles increase your body’s height off of the floor. This increased distance from the floor means increased range of motion. Instead of lowering your chest down to the floor (which is the same plane as your hands) you are now moving below the plane of your hands – for (at least) several inches of increased range of motion for your shoulder, chest and tricep muscles. More range of motion means more load on the muscles. This increased distance from the floor is also incredibly helpful for more dynamic moves like knee drives, mountain climbers, planches, spider man pushups and more, particularly for people who are working on their flexibility.

Additional Exercises & Muscles Worked

Pushup handles allow users to train way more muscle groups than just those of the chest and upper body – essentially acting as risers that give you more space for moves like spider-man push-ups, knee drives, mountain climbers and planches / sit throughs. These compound moves work more than just the upper body. They translate into full body workouts that hit the abs, core, upper body, and legs.

Types of Pushup Handles

Stationary Push-up handles

Stationary push-up handles are designed for stability on flat surfaces – and offer great benefit for comfort, variable hand positions, injury prevention and increased range of motion compared to performing push-ups with your hands flat on the floor.

Adjustable Height Pushup Handles

Stationary push up handles with the additional feature of having height adjustability adds slightly more functionality over non-height adjustable stands. Increasing the height changes the angle of the movement to put more focus on the muscles of the lower chest. The additional distance gained from the higher position also helps with planches, sit-throughs, and mountain climbers which require a lot of shoulder, core and hip strength and flexibility, especially for beginners.

Rotating Push-Up Handles

The popular rotating push up stands allow users to rotate the handles 90 degrees through the retraction or extension phase of the workout rep. This engages additional muscles, requires a little more shoulder stability and recruits more ab and core to balance while working through reps.

ABLE Push-up Stands
ABLE Multi-Directional Push-up Stands.

Multi-Directional Push-up Handles

ABLE by Fitness Hardware offers multi-directional push up handles that spin, roll and rotate in any direction. They add additional challenge because they require constant ab and core engagement for stabilization while exponentially increasing the number of total body workout moves a user is able to perform. ABLE truly performs as a complete chest developer allowing for push ups, push up flies, bodyweight chest flies, as well as offering functionality for multi-directional pressing moves to target the upper, middle and lower chest muscles. Use ABLE’s toe-lock feature for face – down ab and core workout moves like mountain climbers, pikes, and knees to elbows. ABLE offers exponentially more functionality than all other available push up handle products on the market.

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