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Our high–quality powder-coated kettlebells come in a variety of popular sizes. Fitness Hardware kettlebells are cast in a single pour of new iron ore, (never scrap) making the body and handle one solid, integrated piece that is then de-burred and powder-coated for perfect texture and surface durability. This single piece molding method ensures durability for life. We offer a limited lifetime warranty on our Kettlebells for sale and warrant them against breakage for as long as you own them.

Kettlebell fitness training is one of the most popular methods of functional training today. Kettlebell exercises offer total body workout functionality, incredible challenge, and require very little space. Set up your home or garage gym. Take them to the yard or nearby park. Kettlebells are simple, portable, and effective for any workout routine whether your goals are weight loss, strength training, or increasing power and athleticism.

Kettlebells have quickly become one of the most popular pieces of fitness equipment worldwide. Kettlebells are designed with an oversized curved handle, giving users multiple grip options and an unlimited number of total-body workout moves. The benefits of kettlebells are that they are so simple, effective, and incredibly functional for any, and all training programs. Kettlebells are the most efficient weight solution to add to your program regardless if that program is weight loss, strength training, bodybuilding, cardiovascular exercise, high-intensity interval training or cross fitness.

Total body moves like Turkish get-ups and kettlebell swings burn calories fast, rapidly increase heart rate and offer both cardiovascular and strength benefits as well as benefits for endurance and athleticism. Focus on the lower body with moves like goblet squats, weighted lateral squats, and lunges. Grip the kettlebell with two hands for tricep extensions, pulls, ab and core twists, deadlifts, and more. A single hand grip is great for overhead presses, single-arm pulls, swings, snatches, curls, lateral raises and more.

Kettlebell FAQs

Who has kettlebells for sale?

As of July, 2020, Fitness Hardware does have kettlebells available, in stock and ready to ship. If you want to buy kettlebells now, don’t delay – as our inventory will go fast!

Where do your kettlebells ship from?

Our high quality, powder-coated kettlebells ship from our centrally located warehouse in the Dallas, TX area. Ground shipping is 4 days or less to almost all of the US.

Does your Kettlebell price include shipping?

Yes, ground shipping is included in the price of our kettlebells to anywhere in the US lower 48 states. We are working hard to sell high-quality powder coated kettlebells at a great price, and cheap relative to competitor kettlebell prices.

Are your kettlebells cheap, or are they high quality?

We sourced high-quality powder coated kettlebells that are gravity cast in a single pour. The only thing cheap about our bells is the price (that includes shipping anywhere in the lower 48 US states).