ABLE - The Rolling push up stands for the Best Chest Workout Variations

Push up and body weight chest flies using ABLE

ABLE push up stands roll smoothly in any direction.  Offering the best chest workout variations available. 

Push ups, in general, do a great job of working the muscles of the chest, shoulders, core and triceps.  But, using ABLE as push up stands allows you to rotate your hands through the push up move - increasing range of motion and recruiting more muscles of the chest and shoulders while working stabilizers in the shoulders and core.  ABLE stands roll smoothly in any direction, so you can add unlimited variations to your workouts.  Change your hand positions, rotate through the push up move and spread and retract your hands along any plane - to recruit the muscles of the upper, middle and lower chest more effectively. 

Start with ABLE in only one hand, with the other hand planted firmly on the floor.  Start with your knees on the floor (not your feet) to feel the instability and rolling friction ABLE offers on the specific floor surface you are using.  Hard surfaces offer little friction and a LOT of instability challenge just keeping the stands from rolling out from under you during your moves.  Carpet offers more resistance and friction, allowing for a more stable, smoother rolling floor surface.  

Challenge yourself with countless push up and body weight chest fly variations with ABLE.  Unlimited hand positions and roll out angles allow you to hit your chest muscles from any angle.  Try elevating your feet to put even more focus on your upper chest.  Try ABLE on a hard surface for challenging instability during your push up moves.

Add a weight vest and alternate between push ups, push up flies and body-weight chest flies for a 3 move sequence that will crush your chest muscles.  Try your feet on a bench or chair to target the upper chest.  Add variations like narrow grip push-ups to focus on your tricep muscles.