What are the Best Ab Exercises?

Since the abs are a complex muscle group, the best ab and core workout results come from incorporating a variety of dynamic workout moves.

Crunches, bicycle crunches, planks, ab roll outs and mountain climbers are all great, minimal equipment abdominal and core workouts that provide incredible results for building strength, flattening the belly, building endurance and helping to achieve that toned six pack we all want to show off at the beach. The ab and core muscles recover very quickly and can be worked more often than other major muscle groups. Ab routines of 10 – 20 minutes, 3x per week can offer incredible results. Since the abs are core muscles, with the ability to flex and contract in a multitude of directions – they need to be worked from a variety of angles. Generally speaking, crunches work the middle and upper abs, while moves like mountain climbers work the lower abs and hip flexors. Utilizing a multi–directional ab roller like ABLE by Fitness Hardware allows for smooth movement, challenging move variations and the ability to perform ab roll outs with the hands or the feet on the device. Instability, diversity of moves, multi-directional movement and smooth performances on multiple surfaces make this ab roller a must-have for home gyms.