What is the Best Ab Roller?

The best ab roller offers a stable platform, moves multi-directionally, offers the ability to do many ab and core exercises (including using the ab roller on the feet) and is heavy duty and built to last.

If you are looking for a high-quality ab roller that offers durability and infinite functionality, then don’t go for the cheap wheel with handles on each side. The best ab roller allows for additional ab workout functionality other than just extending forward and contracting back with the typical ab roll out sequence. ABLE Ab roller offers an advanced design for better ab and core workouts including a more stable platform, multi-directional movement, grip width variation and even the ability to target the lower abs and core with moves like mountain climbers and pikes by using the ab rollers on your feet. Diversity of movement is key with ab workout routines, so select an ab roller that offers the most functionality to work your abs and core in a variety of different ways. With the right equipment, you can achieve excellent results, challenge yourself, and make serious strength, endurance and weight loss gains with programs that take as little as 10 minutes per day, 3x per week. A high-quality ab roller will offer much more ab and core workout move variations. It will last longer and offer more challenge as you get stronger and look to add more challenging moves to your workouts. We created ABLE by Fitness Hardware for durability, functionality, challenge, and incredible ab workout results.